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Woah, This New Dairy Queen Dessert Has Caramel And Cheesecake!

It's two of our favorites in one cup.
Summer is a few months away, but this (super long) month of January already feels like summer because of its humidity, then making us crave ice cream 24/7. If you’re particularly huge on ice cream with caramel, you should get your fix ...

Dairy Queen's New Christmas Ice Cream Is Made With Pistachios!

Pistachio fans will love this!
There’s always room for ice cream! Now that it's almost Christmas and the nippy 'Ber breeze hasn't arrived yet, you should drop by Dairy Queen because they just added a range of pistachio-flavored ice cream for the holidays!Dairy Queen’s latest ice cream line for ...

Dairy Queen's Pepero Blizzards And Milkshakes Are Back!

It comes in three flavors!
If one of your go-to Pepero flavors is the almond flavor, then you will be happy to know that Dairy Queen’s Pepero Blizzards and Milkshakes are back by popular demand.Dairy Queen’s Pepero Blizzard (P69/mini; P85/regular; P109/medium; P139/large) is the Blizzard of the ...
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