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This Chocolate Milk Is A Famous Pasalubong You Can Buy In Los Baños

They also have peach mango yogurt!
If you love milk, you need to try the famous milk from this dairy farm all the way in Los Baños, Laguna. If you go there for the hot springs for the weekend, you’ll be surprised to know that one of the best things you can ...

Is Your Milk And Cheese Stored In The Wrong Part Of Your Refrigerator?

Keep it fresher and store it right.
Remember when you used to store eggs in the refrigerator door because that's where the egg tray fit? That's the wrong place for highly perishable food, especially eggs which age even in the cold, to be stored. If you remember these tips ...

Have Fresh Milk + Dairy Products Delivered To Your Doorstep!

They also have chocolate milk, Greek yogurt, butter, and kesong puti.
Who wouldn’t love fresh-from-the-farm dairy products delivered to your doorstep? This simple idea is what Pinkie’s Farm is all about. Pinkie’s delivers fresh milk, chocolate milk, butter, and even yogurt to your home, just how a milkman would.The dairy comes from a ...

Feast on Ice Cream and Pay It Forward

You have to try their salted egg ice cream!
You don’t always need an excuse for ice cream but did you know that you can help local farmers and community partners with every ice cream cup (or cone!) you buy? Karabella Dairy Products makes ice cream from 100% carabao milk and ...
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