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Dakasi's NEW Avocado + Cheese Drink Is Now Available

They brought back their Halo-Halo Smoothie, too!
Love creamy avocado and halo-halo? Dakasi just released two new summer specials: Blended Creme Avocado with Cheese (P180) and the Halo-Halo Smoothie (P140).In September 2019, Dakasi released a Creme Avocado drink under its popular Creme line. The classic is made with fresh avocados, fresh ...

Dakasi's NEW Creamy Avocado Drink Will Soon Be Available Near You!

It uses fresh avocado!
There's never a shortage of desserts that play with the sweet, earthy flavors of avocado. There's the homemade avocado ice cream, no-bake avocado ice cream cheesecake, and an avocado cooler, just to name a few. If you're an avocado fan who is looking ...
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