Elaine Lim guides you in and around the scenic city.

Lessons Learned

I share the things I learned while studying in CACS--and it's not just about cooking.

Ox Tongue Asado

Chef J shares his favorite childhood dish.

Biz Buzz:
Red Mango

The fro-yo craze was no fad thanks to Red Mango.

8 Travel-Friendly Sweets

These desserts can withstand the longest road trips.

Angel Kremdensada

Welcome Angel Kremdensada into your kitchen this Christmas!

10 to try at Paris Delice

There's a new French-style fast food in town! Here are 10 dishes we highly recommend from Paris Delice.

How to Make California Maki

With a basic sushi mat, you can indulge your fondness for inside-out Japanese rice rolls anytime.

The Many Ways of the Fish Fillet

10 ways to serve fish fillet.

Dark Chocolate Truffle Pie

Deep, dark, and smooth, this pie is bound to satisfy all your chocolate cravings.

White Chocolate Penne with Pistachios and Goat Cheese Recipe

Give pasta a unique, slightly sweet twist by throwing in some white chocolate!

Valencia Recipe

In this recipe, natural orange flavor goes into dark chocolate—a perfect pairing.

Dark Chocolate Bark Recipe

Looking for a healthy treat to snack on? Try your hand at dark chocolate that's chock-full of nuts.

Double Chocolate Mousse

Cap off a special meal with the a bit of bitterness from dark chocolate and some creaminess from white chocolate.

Do-It-Yourself Creamy Sandwich Cookies

Whip up ice cream sandwiches at home, and load it with two types of chocolate. Yum!

Dark Chocolate-Yogurt Mousse

Make way for the good-for-you chocolate and yogurt tandem!
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