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This Simple Decorating Hack Will Make Your Desserts Unbelievably Gorgeous

Thank you, GlamPop!
We found a genius hack for churning out the prettiest desserts out there. It makes everything easier, from clean-up all the way to prep time. One easy decorating go-to is the good old bag of rainbow sprinkles. But here lies the dilemma: ...

Funfetti Cupcakes Recipe

These soft and moist cupcakes have a colorful surprise inside!
These soft and moist cupcakes have a colourful surprise inside! Keep it simple by topping it with a light vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream.  ...

WATCH: How to Make a Piping Bag Out of a Zip Lock Bag

No piping bag? No problem!
Make a DIY pastry piping bag with a zip lock bag! Tape a section of the corner, fill it with frosting, snip, and pipe your way into pastry bliss. Use this simple technique to decorate cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries. CLICK HERE to ...

WATCH: Decorate a Cake with Strawberries and Biscuit Sticks

How to make a celebration cake party-worthy? Here's an easy decorating idea!
Biscuit sticks and strawberries make a simple cake party-ready for charming celebrations.ALSO READ:WATCH: Decorate a Cake Using Candy BarsWATCH: Decorate a Cake Using Breakfast CerealHow to Frost a Cake the Right Way Tip of the Week: An Easy Way to Decorate Cake   ...
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