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Our Favorite Deep Fried Guilty Pleasures

We can't live without these indulgent recipes.
Deep-fried dishes—they might not be the healthiest dishes on the block, but who can live without them? And no one should judge you from indulging every now and then, right? Crunchy, tender, juicy, flavorful –these are the hallmarks of perfectly fried goods that ...

Fried Potato Wedges Recipe

You won't be able to stop at a few pieces!
French fries are delicious but potato wedges are equally satisfying. You get more flavor, maximum crispiness, and an irresistible urge to keep eating these wedges until all you have left is an empty plate. This crispy potato wedges recipe is so good, it's going to ...

All the Recipes You Need for Deep-Fried, Golden Brown Goodness

These deep-fried dishes are perfectly golden brown!
It’s almost irresistible—the light crunch of a perfectly golden brown batter. Whether you’re eating a piece of chicken, biting into lechon kawali, or digging into fried ice cream, you’re always in for a treat when it comes to deep-fried dishes! Here’s a ...
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