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All The Different Flavors Of Delimondo Corned Beef In The Grocery

Which one is the best Delimondo corned beef for you?
When talking about corned beef, local brand Delimondo will always come up. The brand carries different flavors, from their classic Ranch Style and Garlic Chili to more unique flavors like Caldereta and Adobo.If you're curious about the different Delimondo Corned Beef flavors, here's a guide to ...

Delimondo's Famous Corned Beef Now Comes In A Smaller (More Affordable) Size

Each can costs less than P100!
Just because you’re experiencing petsa de peligro, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy good food. If you’re a fan of Delimondo’s famous corned beef, you can now get a smaller sized can to satisfy your cravings at an affordable price!Delimondo recently released a ...

Gift Idea: A King-Sized Can Of Delimondo Corned Beef + Bottled Goodies

Adding this to our Christmas wish list!
If you’re scouting for a Christmas gift for someone who loves food, one of the best things you can give that foodie is a huge Christmas package filled with an assortment of stuff they love. This one ticks all boxes when it ...

Would You Try Caldereta-Flavored Corned Beef?

Well, you should, and it makes the perfect baon, too!
Kaldereta (or caldereta) is a popular Filipino dish that is often served during special occasions. It’s a delicious beef stew typically cooked with tomato sauce, bell peppers, and thickened with some liver spread. Slices of carrots, potato, and sometimes, olives are mixed ...
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