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This Version Of Batchoy Tagalog Has Pig's Blood

One ingredient makes this different from the La Paz batchoy.
Batchoy is one of those noodle dishes that scream comfort food. This hearty noodle soup is a pork soup recipe with egg noodles. It's loaded with strips of pork intestine, pork liver, fried crispy garlic, fried crispy onions, crushed chicharon, and if desired, ...

Did You Know That There's An Ilocano, Bicol, And Kapampangan Dinuguan?

Learn the different versions of the dinuguan.
Travel from region to region, and you might find dishes that you think are familiar but actually are made a little differently. This can be said about the adobo where different versions appear depending on where you are living. The same can be true for ...

These Lechon Meals Cost Less Than P100

Satisfy your lechon cravings.
Craving for some tasty lechon dishes? We know just the place for an affordable lechon fix! Rico’s Lechon is now serving their Dinuguan and Lechon Paksiw as rice meals at 7-Eleven.Dinuguan and Lechon Paksiw are two of Rico’s Lechon’s famous lechon dishes ...

These Are The Easiest Pork Recipes You Can Make

Stews are easy to make if you have time.
Stewing is one of the most flavorful ways of cooking. The slow cooking time allows the food to develop more flavors but gives the food to also meld with the other flavors, especially the sauce. The sauce is the defining characteristic of the stew. It's ...

Here's Where You Can Get Puto Stuffed With Dinuguan, Caldereta, Sisig + More

Puto with ulam filling? Yes please!
While puto can be the star of your meal when eaten on its own for dessert or merienda, it's also a great side for some of our favorite Pinoy dishes like dinuguan. Puto's lightly sweet taste and sticky, rice-based texture make for ...

Pork Dinuguan Recipe - Paano Lutuin at mga Sangkap

Ang lutuing ito ay mula sa pinaghalong suka at dugo ng baboy na sinahugan ng liempo.
Ang pork dinuguan ay isa sa natatanging lutuing Pinoy dahil sa sarsang itim na gawa sa pinaghalong suka at dugo ng baboy. Karaniwan itong pinapareha sa kanin o puto.Ito ay sinasahugan ng liempo o maaari ding gamitan ng balikat at lamang loob ...

Dinuguan Recipe

This dinuguan recipe is an Ilocano version of the classic.
This Ilocano version of dinuguan (also called dinagaraan) is not soupy but oily, which keeps the dish from spoiling easily. ...

Crispy Dinuguan Recipe

This Pinoy dish combines lechon kawali and dinuguan. Delicious!
Instead of the usual pork innards, crispy lechon kawali is used to make this special version of dinuguan. ...

WATCH: How to Make Pork Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew)

This Pinoy dish may be served with puto on the side!
Pork dinuguan or pork blood stew is a Filipino dish with pork belly simmered in a rich mixture of vinegar and pig's blood. 1 tablespoon cooking oil1 tablespoon garlic, chopped1 medium-sized onion, chopped 1 kilo pork, (use pork belly or pork loin), cut into ...

Pork Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew) Recipe

This Filipino pork stew is a mixture of vinegar, pig's blood and pork belly.
Pork dinuguan or pork blood stew is a Filipino dish simmered in a rich mixture of vinegar, pig's blood and pork belly.This Filipino dish is an acquired taste and is usually paired with rice or puto (rice cake). Pork belly is usually used ...

Tinutungan na Dinuguan Recipe

Among the main ingredients of this dish is burnt coconut, hence the term "tutong" in the name of the dish.
Among the main ingredients of this dish is burnt coconut, hence the term "tutong" in the name of the dish. Make and share this favorite pork dinuguan recipe with a twist in three easy steps. ...
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