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You Can Make Your Weekday Meals More Exciting With Hoisin Sauce

Use Hoisin sauce as the inspiration for your meal plan for easy and delicious meals all week long.
Do you have Hoisin sauce in your pantry right now? You should! Hoisin sauce, a thick, fragrant sauce used for stir-fries, glazes and dipping, was once a Chinese household’s kitchen secret.  Now hoisin sauce has gone mainstream.  We give you 5 recipes to jumpstart ...

Crispy Pata with Sauce Recipe

Make your crispy pata even better.
Crispy pata is even better with sawsawan, or dipping sauces! When using this recipe, save time by cooking two pork legs at the same time. This way, one is always ready in the freezer for deep frying. ...

Adobo Sauce Recipe

This adobo sauce is great with both roast meats and stir-fried veggies!
You can pair this adobo sauce with almost anything. Roast chicken, lechon kawali, and even steamed, stir-fried, or blanched vegetables! ...

Kare-Kare Sauce Recipe

This kare-kare sauce is delicious with lechon kawali!
Kare-kare is a Filipino classic that uses a rich and creamy peanut-based sauce. The options are endless for this kare-kare sauce: pair it with your favorite fried or roast meats, or keep it simple and serve it with blanched crunchy vegetables. Take ...

Garlic and Chili Vinegar Recipe

Your fave "silog" meals and grilled meats just got better with this sauce.
Serve this vinegar with your spread of grilled meats or tapsilog breakfast. ...

Seven-Layer Taco Dip Recipe

The best part about this dip? You don’t need to cook a single thing!
This dip has everything you love to dunk nachos in: guacamole, salsa, cheese, sour cream, with beans, olives, and shredded lettuce for texture. The best part is, you don’t even need to cook a single thing. Layering everything in a glass bowl ...

10 New Ideas for Your Favorite Pinoy Dipping Sauces

Switch up your dipping sauce game: these will make all your Pinoy favorites stand out!
The Pinoy sawsawan (dipping sauce) is part and parcel of Filipino cuisine. These sauces add a burst of flavor to your grilled, roasted, and fried meats. Switch up your sawsawan game and try out these ten new ideas. They will make all ...

Smoked Bangus Croquettes with Garlic-Mayo Dip

Here's a new way to enjoy bangus!
Create a tasty bites with this great appetizer recipe of Smoked Bangus Croquettes with Garlic-Mayo Dip. Serve croquettes with the dip on the side. Here's a new way to enjoy bangus! ...

Guide to Pinoy Sawsawan

Get to know a few of the essentials of the Filipino kitchen.
Make sure to stock up on these classic Filipino condiments on your next trip to the grocery: SUKA (Vinegar)Vinegar or suka is a staple in the Filipino kitchen, mostly thanks to its high levels of acidity and overall versatility. Most Filipinos keep a ...
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