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Places That Deliver Kakanin in Metro Manila

Here's where you can order puto, kutsinta, sapin-sapin, biko, and more!
Whether it's a bag of steamed puto, a sticky tray of biko, or a bilao of sapin-sapin, kakanin is deeply embedded in the culture and taste buds of every Filipino. However, with the restrictions brought about by the community quarantine still in place, ...

Celebrate Buwan Ng Wika With A Customized Bilao Of Kakanin

You can request for a different design, too!
A bilao of kakanin is often present in every Filipino handaan, but it never fails to make an appearance during the celebration of Buwan Ng Wika (National Language Month). If you’re looking for an extra festive bilao of kakani, Dolor’s Kakanin offers a bilao of ...

WATCH: Go on a Malabon Food Tour!

The tricycle tour is a delicious jump-off point in getting to know Malabon’s delicious eats.
When one thinks of Malabon, images of a sleepy fishing town, Pancit Malabon, kakanin, and flood waters come to mind. It isn’t exactly the first spot on top of one’s food trip list. But the Malabon Tricycle Tour is out to change ...
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