Dunkin' Donuts Has New Ube Munchkins!

Is this going to be your new snack addiction?
Dunkin' Donuts has a new showstopping doughnut you wouldn't want to miss: Purple Yam Munchkins! Just like their time-honored classics, you'll find yourself gobbling up these cute, delicious, moist ube treats one after the other. Similar to your favorite butternut munchkins, these purple ...

Different Kinds Of Doughnuts From Around The World

Turns out, everyone loves doughnuts.
The love for fried dough, turns out, is one thing much of the world agrees on. You can find doughnuts from all over the world making the best of indigenous ingredients. Some of these recipes you can make at home, while some ...

Say Hello To Krispy Kreme's Mini Birthday Cake Doughnuts!

Happy 82nd birthday, Krispy Kreme!
There’s always a reason to celebrate–whether it’s the smallest or the biggest achievements in life. Krispy Kreme, the brand that brought us Original Glazed Doughnuts, just celebrated its 82nd birthday last July 15. They're honoring another fruitful year with their limited-edition Mini Birthday Cake Doughnuts.These stacked ...

How About Champorado and Tuyo Doughnuts for Breakfast?

Poison is transforming your favorite breakfast food.
Breakfast is the favorite meal of the day for a lot of people, but admit it, you rarely have time to sit down and have a proper one in the morning. That's alright, though, because you can get lots of your morning ...

Your Weekend Treat: Krispy Kreme's Choco-Hazelnut Filled Doughnuts!

BRB, heading to the store!
It's the doughnut that made social media go crazy: Krispy Kreme's chocolate-and-hazelnut-filled doughnut is a sweet delight of Original Glazed rings stuffed with gooey chocolate-hazelnut spread. If you're one of those who wished you could get your hands on these treats, Krispy Kreme ...

Krispy Kreme Now Has Coffee-Glazed Doughnuts

We're in!
Just when you thought your doughnut-and-coffee combo could not get any better, Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed Doughnuts now covered with the rich flavors of coffee!Imagine just enough rich, milky flavors on your doughnut to perk up your sluggish morning or afternoon. The ...

Krispy Kreme Is Coming Out With Malagos Chocolate-Glazed Doughnuts in Davao

Heading to Davao soon?
Flying to Davao this April? Be sure to drop by a Krispy Kreme shop there because the doughnut chain is launching a special new flavor exclusive to the city: The Malagos Chocolate Doughnut.The new doughnuts will be glazed with chocolate from Malagos Chocolate, a ...

This is The One Secret to Light and Fluffy Homemade Doughnuts

Who doesn’t love these pillowy treats?
Sugar-coated, cream-filled or glazed, doughnuts are always a delight to eat. Making homemade doughnuts is actually very simple but did you know that there’s a tried-and-tested secret to making sure they come out light and fluffy?According to Yummy magazine columnist Aileen Anastacio, ...

These Doughnuts Will Help You Get Over That Post-Holiday Slump

This is a cakey treat in doughnut form!
Still wishing you can stay all day in bed with a book or your fave Netflix show? Fuel your day with a delicious, cakey treat like these cinnamon sugar doughnuts and start working on your 2017 to-do and to-be list. Aren't the ...
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