Cinnamon Sugar Cake Doughnuts Recipe

These soft, cakey doughnuts will remind you of your childhood
These soft, cakey doughnuts will remind you of your childhood— proof that the simplest treats are often the best. ...

5 Tips for Making the Best Homemade Doughnuts

Use this guide to make sweet, pillowy doughnuts at home.
Making soft, pillowy doughnuts at home is probably much easier than you think. Use a few pantry staples: flour, butter, eggs, and sugar, and you’re good to start. No special equipment is needed to make them, either! Read on for useful tips ...

WATCH: How to Make Doughnuts

Making fluffy, and totally satisfying doughnuts at home is easy!

WATCH: How to Make Waffle Doughnuts (Wonuts)

It's a doughnut AND a waffle in one quick and easy sweet treat!
Get the best of both worlds and make a waffle doughnut (or wonut) for a quick and easy sweet treat! Then go all out with whipped cream, fresh fruits, and almond slivers.1 Press plain doughnuts in a waffle iron on medium heat ...

Basic Doughnut Recipe

Newbie cook? Start off with this doughnut recipe!
This basic doughnut recipe can be used a base for all your doughnut fantasies. ...

Matcha-White Chocolate Doughnuts Recipe

This matcha-white chocolate glaze can be used on doughnuts, cakes, and cupcakes!
Making homemade doughnuts? Dip it into this silky matcha-white chocolate glaze! This glaze recipe is versatile: use it on cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, too. Here's a basic dougnut recipe to get you started: ...

Cinnamon and Cocoa Sugar Coating Recipe

Use this sugary coating for homemade doughnuts!
Making homemade doughnuts? this cinnamon and sugar coating is a nice alternative for your usual glaze. ...

Filled Doughnuts Recipe

These filled doughnuts are filled with a light vanilla cream.
Try your hand at whipping up a batch of pillowy soft doughnuts filled with light vanilla cream. Remember to fill your doughnuts only when they have completely cooled. You can also experiment with different glazes and toppings to make your doughnuts more ...

Homemade Doughnuts Recipe

Make doughnuts at home! This basic doughnut recipe is simple and easy to follow.
You can make fluffy doughnuts at home! Homemade doughnuts are much easier than you think they are. You can also get creative with the toppings, or stick to the classic chocolate ganache or cinnamon-sugar coating.  ...

Ube-Lovers, You Will Love These Soft, Fluffy Doughnuts

Pillowy doughnuts filled with ube halaya? We’ll take them all!
BGC’s newest brunch spot, Little Flour Café, is Wildflour Bakery + Café’s breakfast-loving little sister (they are open at 6 a.m.!). With a brand new menu and a huge pastry table to pick your treats from, it’s the ultimate spot for brunch-loving ...

This is The One Secret to Light and Fluffy Homemade Doughnuts

Who doesn’t love these pillowy treats?
Sugar-coated, cream-filled or glazed, doughnuts are always a delight to eat. Making homemade doughnuts is actually very simple but did you know that there’s a tried-and-tested secret to making sure they come out light and fluffy?According to Yummy magazine columnist Aileen Anastacio, ...

Krispy Kreme Is Coming Out With Malagos Chocolate-Glazed Doughnuts in Davao

Heading to Davao soon?
Flying to Davao this April? Be sure to drop by a Krispy Kreme shop there because the doughnut chain is launching a special new flavor exclusive to the city: The Malagos Chocolate Doughnut.The new doughnuts will be glazed with chocolate from Malagos Chocolate, a ...

Krispy Kreme Now Has Coffee-Glazed Doughnuts

We're in!
Just when you thought your doughnut-and-coffee combo could not get any better, Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed Doughnuts now covered with the rich flavors of coffee!Imagine just enough rich, milky flavors on your doughnut to perk up your sluggish morning or afternoon. The ...

Your Weekend Treat: Krispy Kreme's Choco-Hazelnut Filled Doughnuts!

BRB, heading to the store!
It's the doughnut that made social media go crazy: Krispy Kreme's chocolate-and-hazelnut-filled doughnut is a sweet delight of Original Glazed rings stuffed with gooey chocolate-hazelnut spread. If you're one of those who wished you could get your hands on these treats, Krispy Kreme ...

This Panaderia's Crinkles + Doughnuts Will Make Your Inner Child Smile

The nostalgic tastes and textures of your neighborhood bakery’s crinkles, donuts and pandesal just got ‘gram friendly.
Across Café Dominique’s wall in white large font reads: WHERE FOOD MEETS HAPPINESS. It’s a mantra that friends and owners Caryl Galang, Duchay Tolentino and Kathleen Garcia did not lose sight of when they set out their newest adventure. Dominique’s Bakehouse is ...

How About Champorado and Tuyo Doughnuts for Breakfast?

Poison is transforming your favorite breakfast food.
Breakfast is the favorite meal of the day for a lot of people, but admit it, you rarely have time to sit down and have a proper one in the morning. That's alright, though, because you can get lots of your morning ...
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