WATCH: This Spicy Dilis Recipe Is The Only Snack You Will Need

This is great as a snack or served with a steaming hot bowl of rice.
This dried fish snack is easy to make! Simply toss these easy-to-find ingredients together then cook it with the dried dilis. It's a fast and unbelievably tasty snack that you can definitely make at home.Plus, it can double as your favorite breakfast ulam.  Want more fish ...

Tortang Dilis Recipe

Crunchy dried dilis makes a fantastic filling for this omelet.
Who'd have thought that crunchy dilis (dried fish) would be so delicious in an omelet? The dilis are first fried to a crisp before being added to scrambled eggs. What you get is a hearty omelet with lots of crunchy bits.     ...

Sweet and Spicy Dilis Recipe

The spicy and the sweet all come together for this awesome dried anchovy snack.
There are few things we love more than a great snack. This sweet and spicy dilis or dried anchovy fish is great on hot, freshly steamed rice, eaten on its own, or tossed with a snack mix of peanuts, green peas, broad beans, and corn ...

Spicy Dilis Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Ginamitan ng pampatamis at pampa-anghang ang pinatuyong isda.
Napakadaling gawin nitong dilis recipe. Paghaluin lamang ang mga karaniwang sangkap at iluto kasama ng pinatuyong isda. Meron ka ng napakabilis na gawing meryenda (o puwede rin namang agahan!) na napaka-sarap.  ...
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