This Drink Will Remind You of Summer All Year Long

If summer were a drink, this would be it.

Frothy Orange Cooler Recipe

Introduce your kids to a frothy orange cooler!

Fruity Iced Green Tea Recipe

Make your own iced tea version with fresh ingredients!

Rum Iced Coffee Recipe

You can spike a cold glass with orange-infused rum!

Almond Berry Smoothie

A creamy strawberry smoothie that's nutty. Cool!

Chili Choco Dinosaur Drink Recipe

Give the popular Singaporean cooler a nice hot kick.

Pineapple Basil Granita Recipe

Need to cool down from the sweltering summer sun?

Caramel Root Beer Float Recipe

Add caramel to the classic root beer float recipe to make it extra indulgent.

Sparkling Lemonade Recipe

Summer is here! Cool down with this bubbly lemon drink.

Peach Iced Tea Recipe

Make this refreshing iced tea on hot afternoons.

Pineapple Float Recipe

Beat the heat with a fruity float!

Orange-Calamansi Cooler Recipe

This refreshing cooler is a cinch to make!

Cucumber and Pineapple Cooler Recipe

This summer drink will take you straight to the tropics!

Negroni Recipe

We give the classic cocktail a proudly Pinoy twist with the addition of dalandan liqueur.

Lime and Raspberry Cooler Recipe

This cocktail has fruity flavors!
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