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We Want Everything From Starbucks' NEW Summer Drinkware Collection

Super colorful, super cute!
Starbucks Philippines is celebrating summer with the launch of the Happy Hedgehog Collection. This drinkware collection highlights contrasting colors of cool and warm colors, like turquoise, mint green, watermelon red, and terracotta.If you take a closer look, the design takes inspiration from ...

You Can Store Two Different Drinks In This 149-Peso Tumbler

Can’t choose between coffee and milk tea? Just have both!
We’ve all at some point wanted to drink two beverages at the same time but had to serve it in two separate glasses or tumblers. If you don’t want to keep cleaning two glasses every time, we just found this tumbler that ...

Starbucks' New Mugs Highlight Philippines' Critically Endangered Animals

These are available starting today, February 24.
Starbucks Phillippines launched a new merchandise collection called the Philippine Wildlife Collection. This collection includes mugs and their fluffy Bearista Bears and highlights the Philippines' most endangered species: Negros Bleeding-Heart Bird, Tamaraw, and the Palawan Forest Turtle. The Negros Bleeding-heart Bird is a critically endangered species ...

LOOK: Starbucks Is Dropping A New Cherry Blossom Drinkware Collection

It comes in the prettiest pink, violet, lavender, and blue hues!
We all know that Starbucks has really eye-catching drinkware, like their Year of the Ox and their two collections for Valentine's Day this year. Just when you thought you've had enough, here comes their upcoming Spring 2021 collection, In Full Bloom, which particularly has a ...

Starbucks' New Halloween Tumblers And Mugs Are Boo-tiful!

PSL season is never complete without Halloween-themed merchandise.
Any diehard Starbucks fan always anticipates the return of the coffee chain’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes on the menu as soon as the month of October arrives. This year, Starbucks Philippines welcomed the PSL season a little earlier than expected and even added ...
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