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Here Are Three Different Ways To Flavor Your Barbecued Meats

Choose the way you treat your barbecued meats for a great tasting grilled feast.
Grilled meats can be more flavorful when you go beyond salt and pepper as seasoning. Here are three ways you can achieve mouthwatering barbecued meats when cooking on the grill:1 Marinade A simple marinade made with calamansi juice, salt, and black pepper ...

Roast Beef with Dry Spice Rub Recipe

This fuss-free, succulent roast beef is the perfect party dish.
This fuss-free, succulent roast beef is the perfect party dish. The dry rub enhances the flavor of the meat and the dish does not need a lot of attention once it is placed in the oven. This versatile recipe also works with other proteins ...
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