Meaty Dumplings (Korean Mandu) Recipe

This Korean dumpling is best served with a dipping sauce of soy sauce, vinegar, and chili.
Bring on the heat with kimchi-filled mandu! This Korean dumpling is best served with a dipping sauce of soy sauce, vinegar, and chili. ...

Delicious Dumpling Recipes From Around the World

Europeans love their dumplings, too!
Take your taste buds on a trip! These dumpling recipes come from different corners of the world—from Korea all the way to Greece. Which one is your favorite?1  Pork SiomaiThis Chinese classic is steamed and has a savory bite! You can change up ...

Fried Siomai (Pork Dumpling) Recipe

You can also enjoy golden-fried dumplings by deep-frying them!
Siomai are dainty delicious dumplings which you can also enjoy deep-fried! Make this fried siomai recipe on a weekend and enjoy them as merienda or as a main dish.  ...

Pinsec Frito (Fried Wonton) Recipe

These deep-fried dumplings are a cinch to make!
Pinsec frito are deep-fried dumplings. Similar to the popular siomai, they are fried instead of steamed and are wrapped and shaped to make tiny triangles. ...

Crispy Ham and Cheese Dumplings Recipe

These crispy ham and cheese fried dumplings are pouches full of flavor.
These crispy ham and cheese dumplings are pouches full of flavor. Prep these bites in advance and keep them in the freezer for surprise guests and sudden cravings. ...

Pork And Chives Dumpling Recipe

This dumpling recipe is easy!
If you love all things dumplings, then you have to try these! You can totally make these at home! All you need are the ingredients and the right instruction on how to fold dumplings, and you can instantly have delicious homemade dim sum whenever the craving hits! Remember ...

Here Are All Easy Siomai Recipes To Try At Home

There's nothing tastier like homemade siomai.
Siomai has to be one of the more popular merienda food around. It's easy to eat, it's super flavorful, it's meaty, and it's bite-sized, too! The only thing that might prevent you from making your own siomai at home is that you can easily ...

This Is How To Cook Crunchy And Chewy Gyoza

Get the perfect bite!
What makes the perfect gyoza? Is it really the filling or is it the wrapper? We’d like to argue that it’s the latter. When describing the perfect gyoza, it can be a range of delicious fillings, from vegetarian, classic, to something adventurous ...
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