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You Can Easily Bake These Cakes Without A Mixer

These cake recipes are so easy.
We admit. Cake recipes can be intimidating to make. Cake recipes have to be made with precision since measurements of the ingredients need to be exact.These recipes sometimes need special equipment. A weighing scale is the most precise way to measure ingredients but these ...

Coconut Loaf Cake Recipe

Deliciously familiar, a slice of this coconut loaf cake is like a warm, sweet hug.
Buko, or coconut, is an underrated dessert ingredient. We almost always associate coconut with chilled desserts, kakanin, or those chewy macaroons in little candy cups. Coconut should be used for more than just these! That's why this coconut loaf cake is such a refreshing recipe. ...

The Simplest Cake Recipes You Can Whip Up

Everyone deserves great cake.
Nothing brings people together better than good cake, especially the kind that’s filled with love. There’s only one way to have that sort of cake: by baking it yourself!Making your own cake might sound daunting though, whether you’ve got minimal experience or ...
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