5 Easy Chicken Recipes to Try This Week

We have recipes for chicken made every way: fried, roasted, baked, pan-seared, and steamed!
Chicken may be one of the easier proteins to nail, especially if you’re a home cook. Plus, it is delicious any way it is prepared: roasted, fried, pan-seared, steamed, and baked. Save our best chicken recipes for your next home-cooked meal!1 Patis-Glazed ...

The Best Chicken Recipes You Can Make On a Weekday

Busy week ahead? These quick dishes will be your fuel.
Chicken is always delicious and honestly, we can eat it every day. Sadly, not all recipes are simple enough for a busy day. That’s where these tasty, easy, quick recipes come in.Who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? The benefit of making this yourself is ...

Boneless Buffalo Wing Chicken Tenders Recipe

These are the easier, meatier, and boneless version of your favorite buffalo wings.
The sauce that buffalo wings are tossed in is truly delicious. It's got a spicy heat that's made even more flavorful with melted butter. Chicken wings, however, aren't the only piece of meat you should use it on! Because deboning chicken wings is a hassle you don't ...

It Takes Less Than 60 Minutes To Make These Easy Chicken Recipes

There's always time for dinner.
What’s keeping you from enjoying warm, home-cooked meals? Most of you would certainly say that you just have no time. But surely, squeezing a few minutes in your schedule for a delicious chicken meal is well worth the effort. Chicken, after all, ...

Easy Chicken Recipes For People Who Are Learning To Cook

Your kitchen journey starts here.
Chicken is such a well-loved ingredient that it’s hard to go wrong. It’s easy to handle, and miraculously, somehow both delicious and healthy thanks to its juicy, lean white meat. Check out these easy recipes, perfect for the beginner cook: Basic recipes are ...

These Easy Chicken Recipes Can Be Made Ahead Of Time!

They're great for baon!
You can’t go wrong with chicken. Everyone has a taste for chicken. It’s lean, flavorful, and can be made into so many different dishes. More than that, chicken, when prepped ahead, and packed for lunch, can be your glimpse of sunshine in ...

WATCH: These Chicken Recipes Are All You Need

These reliable recipes are easy to whip!
Choosing to make a chicken dish is almost always a no-brainer: chicken is versatile, cooks easily, and can be turned into so many dishes. From fried chicken to ones with a delicious creamy sauce, or a roasted chicken that has succulent flavorful ...
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