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These Are The Easiest Filipino Dessert Recipes You Should Try

Carabao milk is optional!
When it comes to dessert, the Filipino may have the world beat with its general love for everything sweet. Even dishes that would normally be considered savory are given a sweet touch to make it more appealing to the general populace! Anyone who loves ...

Chewy Choco Butternut Crinkles Recipe

Sooo chewy!
Add a twist to your usual chocolate crinkles. If you love the doughnts, you'll love this unique cookie featuring the famous choco butternut coating!  ...

All The 3-Ingredient Recipes You Need In Your Life

You can make something deliciously simple.
The most intimidating part of a recipe is sometimes the list of ingredients. Many balk at a recipe if the ingredients list is long, thinking that it's going to be a difficult recipe. Sometimes it is, sometimes it's not. It really depends on ...

WATCH: These Are Delicious Dessert Recipes You Can Easily Make

These easy recipes result in seriously decadent desserts.
Whether you're in the mood for dark chocolate crinkles, want a twist on a chocolate chip cookie, yearn for really fudgy brownies, or crave some cupcakes drizzled with gooey caramel, these baking recipes are easy to make at home.  These easy recipes result ...

7 Fun + Easy Desserts To Make On Weekends

Bring your family and friends together for something amazing.
How do you choose to celebrate your weekends? For us, the answer is quite obvious: celebrations mean desserts! The weekend is the perfect chance to take your time and make something wonderful for you and your family and desserts fit the bill ...

Coconut Loaf Cake Recipe

Deliciously familiar, a slice of this coconut loaf cake is like a warm, sweet hug.
Buko, or coconut, is an underrated dessert ingredient. We almost always associate coconut with chilled desserts, kakanin, or those chewy macaroons in little candy cups. Coconut should be used for more than just these! That's why this coconut loaf cake is such a refreshing recipe. ...

The Simplest Cake Recipes You Can Whip Up

Everyone deserves great cake.
Nothing brings people together better than good cake, especially the kind that’s filled with love. There’s only one way to have that sort of cake: by baking it yourself!Making your own cake might sound daunting though, whether you’ve got minimal experience or ...

All The Cheesecake Recipes You'll Ever Need

Whether you're a beginner or an expert in the kitchen, we have the perfect recipe for you.
Cheesecakes are the absolute perfect dessert. It’s an incredibly creamy dessert on a crumbly nutty crust. Built in to every recipe is the perfect balance of the sweet, tart, and rich flavors. Plus, you can find the perfect kind ­­­­­that suits your ...

5 No-Fail Dessert Recipes That Will Make Every New Baker Feel Confident

You’ll love that these recipes don’t require an oven and are so easy, you can’t mess it up.
We know how intimidating it can be for new bakers to feel confident enough in their skills to take the plunge and actually bake something. There’s always that fear that you will fail, will waste ingredients on a dish that doesn’t taste ...
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