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Easy Baked Fish Recipes To Make So You Can Do Less Cooking

There's no need to stand in front of a hot stove.
Fish is one of those ingredients that does not need much time to cook. There is no need to tenderize the meat because it's naturally soft, so the danger lies in not overcooking the fish rather than undercooking it.   One of the ...

All The Dishes You Can Make With Canned Tuna

No need to be creative with these delicious recipes!
What makes canned tuna such an important kitchen staple? Canned tuna is ready-to-eat: just open a can and you can eat. It's also super easy to use as a replacement for other kinds of meat in many recipes. Tuna is the flakey fish that can be ...

7 Simple Fish Dishes That Impress

You don't need to make anything fancy to make these delicious fish recipes for a party.
Fish recipes are some of the easiest to cook! Fish cooks fast and easily when placed into any kind of heat so when you're looking for something that's simple yet delicious, fish recipes can be your go-to dish.However, some fish are not impressive to serve ...

Tanigue Fish Salpicao Recipe

This easy fish recipe has the salty, garlicky flavors you love.
For recipes that call for fish, try to find the freshest fish you can get because you're going to want to be able to taste the fish with every bite. Easy recipes like this easy fish salpicao recipe that uses boneless tanigue fish chunks only require a few ingredients, so the freshness ...

Buttermilk Fried Fish Fillet Recipe

A touch of seasoning really makes a flavorful difference in this fried fish.
There is no shame in using premade mixes. In fact, it's a kitchen hack that you need to take advantage of so you're never at a loss when deciding on how to make your food flavorful and delicious! In this fish fillet recipe using cream dory, ...

Ginger Soy Steamed Fish Recipe

This simple steamed fish is best paired with lots of unli rice.
Ginger and soy sauce are the main ingredients to seasoning this delicate fish.You can use your favorite whole fish for this recipe. Tilapia, maya maya, lapu lapu, or even parrot fish works in this recipe, too! All that matters is that the fish is ...

This Easy Garlicky Bangus Recipe Is Perfect For Lent

It cooks fast, too!
Whether you've pledged to abstain from eating meat or just trying to make better, healthier meal choices, you can always have a delicious meal if you know how to adjust your recipe for fish instead of meat. One type of recipe you can easily tweak to ...

WATCH: This is How Easy It Is To Cook Fish Escabeche

This impressive whole fish dish is easy to cook!
There is no need to be intimidated! Cooking a whole fish is actually easy. You can request your fish vendor to descale and gut your fish for you even before you leave the stall. Since it's already been cleaned and gutted, all you really ...
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