5 Easy Dinners

Because we know you just want to sit down to a good meal.
Easy-to-do dinners are on our agenda. Here are some suggestions:1. Sole Fillet with Butter Cream Sauce This dish is a quick pan-frying affair.2. Pork Chops with Onion Jam You can also add a boost of flavor to your chops with a sweet and ...

6-Ingredient Dinners You Can Make Tonight

Sometimes, you don't need a lot to make a great-tasting meal.
Not a fan of recipes with a long list of ingredients? Check out these recipes for a fuss-free but great-tasting dinner: Wrapped Salmon FilletA salmon dish, made more special. Chicken Caesar Salad WrapsAnother way to have your fill of Chicken Caesar salad. ...

5 Pork Steak Recipes That Will Change Your Pork Chop Dinners

Tired of pork chops? Make tonight a pork steak tonight instead.
When it comes to pork, a favorite cut is the pork chop. It’s got a fatty layer in an otherwise lean cut of pork, which is what you want to ensure it stays moist as it cooks. Plus, it’s usually a bone-in ...

WATCH: How To Cook Yang Chow-Style Fried Rice

No need to order in for your favorite Chinese fried rice.
 If you have the ingredients on hand, your favorite Chinese restaurant-style fried rice is easy to recreate at home. With a few key ingredients, this fried rice will taste as close to your restaurant favorite as you can possibly make it without having to go out. Yang ...

This Is The Secret To A 15-Minute Pork Chop Dinner

Try this for a fast and easy dinner.
It’s become more popular in recent years: the thick-cut pork chops. It’s at least 1-inch thick, and sometimes it can be even thicker to accommodate the desired thickness of the customer, where either the extra rib has been removed or the slices ...

What's Inside These Cook Books Will Surprise You!

This is surely going to be your new best friend in the kitchen!
Who has time to prepare delicious healthy meals every day, all while juggling deadlines? This balancing act can get all sorts of tiring—but it doesn’t have to be. All thanks to Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, one of Philippine’s culinary girl bosses, now you can serve ...

All The Delicious Things You Can Get at The Frozen Section

These are the hidden gems at the grocery's frozen aisle.
The frozen section at your favorite grocery will guarantee you two things: less food waste and ridiculously easy-to-make meals! You don’t have to fully use up a bag of opened frozen goods and they’ll stay good in your freezer for a long, long ...
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