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Korean Pancit Recipe

Upgrade your usual Filipino noodle dish with this easy recipe!
The secret to my Korean pancit recipe is mixing the flavor of the Korean glass noodles with canned Chinese stewed pork. Vegetables are then added to make it into a nice and complete noodle dish.  ...

Family-Style Chinese Pancit Recipe

This Chinese-inspired pancit canton recipe serves a family!
Pancit recipes are some of the most flavorful noodles dishes you can make. For this recipe, this family-style dish is a Chinese pancit recipe that uses chicken instead of pork and is tossed in a savory-sweet sauce that's addictive.  ...

Pansit Palabok Recipe - Paano Lutuin at mga Sangkap

Hindi kumpleto ang handaang Pinoy kapag walang pansit.
Ang Pansit Palabok ay binubuo ng bihon at sarsang gawa sa pinaghalong linamnam ng baboy at hipon. Lagyan pa ng hipon at slices ng nilagang itlog sa ibabaw plus budburan ng tinapa flakes at pork chicharon  at tiyak na hindi maiisip ng ...

Pancit Bam-i With Dried Squid Recipe

This Bisaya pancit sotanghon and canton recipe is made even more appetizing with dried squid flakes.
The Visayan pancit called the bam-i is delicious and loaded with all the toppings you want on your pancit. What makes this kind of stir-fried noodle recipe so different from other pancit is the combination of two kinds of noodles: the pancit sotanghon and the ...

All the Pancit Recipes You Need to Know About

These are the best-tasting noodles.
Pancit is a traditional party fare, as well as a lucky dish according to the Chinese. While it's common to serve this at gatherings, there are recipes that are easy and simple enough to master. Not only that, ingredients are common enough to cook for everyday meals. Whether you're looking to make ...

WATCH: How To Cook Pancit Sotanghon Guisado

The other type of pancit that Pinoys love having for merienda.
It's apt that when Pinoys aren't having steamed rice for their meal, noodles is the next best thing to serve. Sotanghon is made from rice flour and when cooked, takes on a translucent quality. It absorbs liquid ingredients well, making it easy to flavor with your choice ...

WATCH: How To Cook An Easy Chicken Chow Mein

An easy pancit with an Asian flavor twist.
This pancit canton recipe is quite different from the usual pancit canton you are used to. Instead of the usual vegetables, peppers take its place and instead of the usual seasoning, other Asian ingredients lend its flavor to the noodle dish. It's ...
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