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Garlic Pasta with Spanish Sardines Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Ang simpleng pasta dish na ito ay malasa!
Simple ngunit kaaya-aya, ang pasta na ito ay may sardinas, basil, at bawang. Mas magiging espesyal pa pag binudburan ng malutong na bread crumbs. ...

Creamy Cheesy Spaghetti With Chicken, Corn, and Mushrooms Recipe

Creamy, cheesy and loaded with flavors!
This ultra creamy, cheesy spaghetti recipe is loaded with everything that you would want: chicken chunks, sweet kernel corn bits, cheese, mushrooms, and a white sauce that will rival that of the Pinoy carbonara. ...

WATCH: You Can Make Authentic Carbonara!

You just need 4 ingredients and a secret technique to put it all together.
The trick to making a delicious carbonara isn't just the ingredients. It's about using the ingredients you love to eat. Many people love the Pinoy-style carbonara recipe that is incredibly creamy and loaded with bacon. However, if you want to try a more authentic carbonara ...

Penne Vodka Pasta Recipe

This is a creamy tomato pasta with a boost of flavor from the vodka.
If you love creamy tomato pastas, you'll appreciate that this pasta elevates the usual pasta you know into one that's still creamy, tasty, and delicious. If you're worried about the alcohol, you'll cook most of it out until all you're left with is the ...

These Are The Spaghetti Recipes You Need For Any Occasion

These recipes should be winners at any occasion.
Who doesn't love spaghetti? It's always present at parties, from birthdays to wedding receptions, and there are few Pinoy celebrations that don't have some kind of spaghetti dish served on the table. If you're one of those people who love pasta in general but love a good spaghetti ...

Garlic Pasta with Spanish Sardines Recipe

Mix sardines, basil, and garlic into pasta for a dish with a strong kick!
Simple yet divine, the wonderful flavors of sardines, basil, and garlic stand out beautifully in this dish. The addition of crunchy breadcrumbs makes it even more delightful. ...
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