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These Are The Easy Lasagna Recipes You Can Make

These layered pasta dishes are gooey and delicious!
The best lasagna is the one loaded with ingredients. It has lots of pasta layers with flavorful and meaty sauce in between each sheet, a creamy and milky top layer covered with a gooey sheet of cheese. You don't need to be a pro chef to ...

WATCH: These Are The Easy Quarantine Pasta Recipes You Can Make

Master these easy pasta recipes at home.
Make the quarantine work for you! You have more time on your hands than ever before and you can take advantage of that fact by mastering a skill. Cooking is one skill that will never grow old. Everyone has to eat and why ...

These 2-Ingredient Pasta Combos Are Delicious!

Match up these two ingredients to make a delicious pasta.
Honestly, pasta dishes do not need many ingredients. The pasta itself is your main ingredient, and everything else is a garnish to make sure that the pasta is edible and delicious! You can toss pasta with garlic and oil, and it's a meal! If ...

All The Pastas Recipes That Don't Need A Sauce

Not all pasta dishes need a sauce. The oil will do.
Are you a fan of pasta but have never been a fan of the saucy pastas? Perhaps you don't like the tang of tomatoes all that much or prefer your pasta that isn't so creamy that it is coated in what looks like curdled ...

Penne Vodka Pasta Recipe

This is a creamy tomato pasta with a boost of flavor from the vodka.
If you love creamy tomato pastas, you'll appreciate that this pasta elevates the usual pasta you know into one that's still creamy, tasty, and delicious. If you're worried about the alcohol, you'll cook most of it out until all you're left with is the ...

The Creamiest + Cheesiest Pasta Recipes You'll Ever Need

Get your cheese-fix!
What’s more addicting than a good pasta dish swimming in creamy, cheesy goodness? Nothing. These recipes are so good, we highly recommend eating it with lots of friends and family who will stop you from eating the whole thing!Passed down from a ...

Everything You Need to Make Lasagna

Here's what you need to make your favorite pasta dish.
Lasagna takes some time and effort to make but the results are well worth the work. It’s everything you want in a pasta dish: the saucy ground meat, creamy cheese, and pasta noodles make up the signature layers of the lasagna.Lasagna has everything ...

WATCH: How To Cook Garlic Shrimp Pasta

The classic combo of garlic and shrimp are flavors that will make this pasta a hit.
Take the garlic + shrimp combo up a notch by tossing the flavorful combo with pasta. It's a meal you can be sure will be a hit for everyone who love the classic combo. Takes 20 minutes Makes 2 servings 200 grams dried spaghetti1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil5 ...

Creamed Tuna and Mushroom Pasta

A simple pasta dish of canned tuna and cream, and lemon to mute the richness.
“Pasta tends to be heavy on the tummy so I chose to use tuna for the protein to make it lighter,” explains Rosebud Benitez of her recipe. “I like creating delicious gourmet dishes without too much fuss, so the ingredients I used ...

Pasta Bolognese

This birthday-party staple is an all-time favorite of any age group.
This birthday-party staple is an all-time favorite of any age group. The delicious meat sauce complements any kind of pasta, but Yummy still likes it best with spaghetti. This pasta dish is also perfect for any kind of occasions. ...

Pasta Vongole

An olive-oil based pasta recipe with clams and white wine.
An olive-oil based pasta with clams and white wine. For capellini, see Clam Capellini Pasta. For a quick pasta dish, try to serve this elegant pasta vongole in two easy steps! ...
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