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Veggie Sinigang Recipe

Who said sinigang had to have meat?
The healthiest dishes aren't always the ones that we expect. Take this delicious and healthy example. This is a meatless sinigang. There are no chunks of pork, no slices of fish, and no substitutes for any of these either. It's all vegetables, and it's magnificently satisfying ...

Ilocos-style Miki Noodle Soup Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Itong Pinoy noodle soup na ito ay sikat na merienda sa Ilocos!
Gawa sa miki noodles, sabaw ng manok, at atsuete ang Pinoy noodle soup na ito. Ito'y karaniwang ihinahain kasama ng pinakuluang itlog at binubudburan ng chicharon sa itaas. ...

Homemade Chicken Balls And Corn Sopas Recipe

This meaty sopas gets hearty and delicious with chicken balls and corn.
Sopas may just be the ultimate comfort food! It's the bowl of soup that you savored every chilly day, the spoonful you sipped when you didn't feel well, and the super delicious flavor that reminds you of home and your childhood. Every chicken sopas recipe ...

Beefy Mushroom Nilaga Recipe

This boiled beef soup is made extra mouth-watering with dried mushrooms.
Nilagang baka is a homey and easy beef soup recipe. The classic beef nilaga recipe is a simple beef recipe made with beef chunks tenderized in water, potatoes, green beans, and cabbage. To amp up the overall flavor of the dish, especially the beef soup, dried shiitake mushrooms ...

Spicy Beef Bulalo Recipe

This spicy beef bone soup gets amped in flavor from the chilis.
This hearty soup recipe is a super comforting meal, especially when served during rainy days. Bulalo is actually a very easy recipe to make. What makes it a challenging recipe is the time needed to create the incredibly tasty broth. The beef shanks, or bulalo, ...

Sabaw sa Kamatis Recipe

This simple but tasty recipe is a fantastic bone soup.
Just so you have one of your best meals yet, make a simple and delicious sabaw sa kamatis heartier, most flavorful by using bony pork pieces with some meat on them. With the addition of some tomatoes and some seasoning with patis, you are sure to get one ...

Easy Vegetable Minestrone Recipe

This simple recipe is a one-pot wonder and a hearty meal all on its own.
This simple recipe is a one-pot wonder and a hearty meal all on its own. A delicious and healthy Italian minestrone soup recipe with chock-full of season vegetables. Excellent on chilly days. Very easy to prepare. ...

La Paz-Style Batchoy Recipe

When it gets nippy, have a steaming bowl of broth and noodles flavored with all-Pinoy flavors.
Little else comes close to a comforting broth such as batchoy. When it gets nippy, there's no better companion than a steaming bowl of broth and silky noodles flavored with all-Pinoy flavors.Batchoy, for those unfamiliar with the dish, is a chicken and ...
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