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Tofu And Pork In Oyster Sauce Recipe

Oyster sauce makes this tofu and pork recipe delicious!
A simple tofu and pork dish can be a tokwa't baboy recipe. Seek to impress your family with this elevated tokwa dish. It's topped with ground pork sautéed in a sauce with oyster sauce.This Chinese-inspired tofu with pork makes eating in feel like you're dining out!  ...

Adobong Tokwa't Baboy Recipe

This is a tokwa't baboy and adobong baboy dish in one!
We just made everyone's favorite side dish into the main meal! The typical tokwa't baboy dish is usually served as the side dish to lugaw or some other congee.We think it's time to bring the tokwa and baboy combo from the sidelines to the main course. It's a ...

Ginisang Gulay At Tokwa Recipe

Chop up your favorite vegetables and toss it with tofu for an easy stir fried dish.
You need to make this incredibly flavorful stir-fried dish. The stir-fried sauce is both slightly sweet and savory and also aromatic courtesy of the sesame oil and seeds. Almost everything about this recipe cooks fast so once all your prep work and the frying of the tofu ...

Spicy Tokwang Adobo Recipe

Tofu gets tossed in a fiery adobo sauce for a different take on the dish.
It's easy to find easy ways to make adobo. The combination of soy sauce and vinegar is really delicious! The sauce is a great way to make anything, including, tofu, flavorful and appetizing. Instead of making it your usual tofu adobo, this one is spiced ...

Tokwa Salpicao Recipe

Nasubukan mo na ba gamitin ang tokwa?
Alam mo bang pwedeng gamitin ang tokwa sa salpicao? Sa halip na karne ng baka ang ihahalo sa sarsa, mag-prito lang ng mga tokwa. Hihigupin ng tokwa ang sarsa habang nilululuto ito. Ito na ang pinakamasarap na salpicao recipe na pwede mong kainin kahit anong ...

Replace The Meat With Tokwa In These Delicious Tofu Recipes

Tofu is one versatile ingredient!
We know how hard it can be to give up meat. In fact, we don't encourage you to do so—at least not the dishes that contain meat anyway. What we propose is something that can make you fall back in love with all ...
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