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Meet Manila's First Eco-Friendly Bake House

Feast on all things sweet and savory, with less guilt.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we can enjoy good food but at the same time not worry about the single-use plastic we’re leaving behind? Thankfully, Shangri-La at the Fort’s new dining destination, Bake House, has all three: freshly-baked pastries, a good cup of ...

Practical + Easy Ways To Use Less Plastic In The Kitchen

Let's do our part to save our oceans.
The plastic problem around the world isn’t just in our oceans threatening our wildlife. It’s also invading our kitchens. According to National Geographic, microplastic has been found in a whopping 90% of table salt. There’s no one else to blame but us ...

Don't Throw Away Your Paper Bags When You Buy Food!

It’s for a good cause!
Even though most supermarkets have already banned the usage of plastic bags and some have lessened their plastic packaging, brown paper bags still take a long time to decompose in a landfill.In an effort to save Mother Earth, social enterprise Silent Beads uses paper bags to ...

Hooray, Our Local Farms Are Now Using Plastic-Free Packaging!

We hope more farms and supermarkets find a way to lessen their plastic usage!
It’s not #fakenews that the world uses too much plastic, that it eventually ends up in the ocean, causing harm to the sea creatures living in it. Sometimes, it’s just left to really slowly disintegrate on land–approximately more than 450 years before plastic ...

10 Things You Can Do to Be an Eco-Friendly Home Cook

Kick-start this year’s Earth Day by starting eco-friendly cooking habits!
Earth Day is almost here and doing your part to save our planet can start in your own home. You can shut out your lights for Earth Hour, but small habits done on a long-term basis can effect change much more than ...

5 Useful Tips to Make Kitchen Clean-Up a Breeze

Keep your kitchen clean and eco-friendly!
Do your part in keeping a clean and green kitchen: these tips not only make cleaning efficient, but will make every home cook conscious of eco-friendly cooking habits.  1  Make a D-I-Y disinfectant.Dilute white distilled vinegar in water to wipe down your ...

How to Reuse Zip-top Bags

Make Mother Earth happy by practicing this eco-friendly habit in the kitchen.
.Make Mother Earth happy by practicing this eco-friendly habit in the kitchen. Bonus: No wasted leftovers!                           Photography by Enrico Gutierrez | Styling by Liezl Yap | Demonstration by Rachelle Santos |  Props from Saizen ...
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