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You Can Buy Your Fave Pampanga Pasalubong From This Online Store

Do you miss LA Bakeshop’s cheese bread?
Is Pampanga, known for its good eats, on your travel bucket list once the pandemic is over? For those who are anxious to finally be reunited with all the popular Kapampangan grub and pasalubong, Better Buys Pampanga on Instagram is your one-stop-shop where ...

Filipino Egg Pie Recipe

No need to buy at the store because it's so easy to make at home!
Egg pie is one of the many Filipino sweet desserts that everybody loves. It's a creamy custard filling that is baked in a buttery crust that you will surely crave! Egg pie is also a favorite dessert of many Filipinos that brings ...

These Mini Egg Pies Are Stuffed With Creamy, Real Ube Halaya!

Order this for merienda.
We all can’t deny the charm of a classic egg pie, whether you buy it from a panaderia or from a cafe. It’s all about that perfect crunchy crust and the creamy custard. But if you're willing to explore a different version of ...

WATCH: You'll Be Dreaming About These Egg Tarts Tonight!

We used condensed milk in this tart version of the egg pie to make it extra creamy!
Egg pies are a panaderia staple! What's so great about it is that you can buy it by the slice. Since you don't have to pay for an entire pie every time you drop by, it's the weekly indulgence that's delicious and totally affordable. However, did you know ...

This Ingredient Makes Your Homemade Egg Pie Extra Creamy And Delicious

There’s nothing like the taste of creamy evaporated milk in your dessert.
Evaporated milk is as common in the Pinoy kitchens as rice. Every household has a can or three in their cupboards. We grew up with evaporated milk in our dishes, from the milky chicken sopas to the neighborhood bakery cakes that came in wrapped ...

WATCH: How to Bake An Egg Pie

The Pinoy-style egg pie is a luscious and creamy baked custard pie.
A typical Pinoy egg pie has a light custard filling with a golden brown topping baked into a sweet crust. It's almost like a leche flan but not quite. It's just as delicious though, and it's easy to make. But the tricky ...

The Classic Pinoy Egg Pie Is Actually One Big Baking Lesson

Master these baking techniques to make a pefect Pinoy egg pie.
The classic Pinoy-style egg pie, which has a lightly sweet and thick (or “siksik”) custard sitting on a flaky basic pie crust, is a merienda and dessert favorite among many Filipino households that will never go out of style. The dessert sounds pretty ...

Egg Pie Recipe

A slice of egg pie is perfect for an afternoon snack!
This rich and creamy Filipino dessert follows a simple cooking process and is quick to prepare. It requires basic ingredients that can easily be found around your kitchen. From unsalted butter, to sugar, to eggs, these humble ingredients can be transformed into ...

Cinnamon-Spiced Egg Pie Recipe

You can use a food processor to make the pie dough!
You can use a food processor to make the pie dough: it makes creating the perfect pie crusteasier. ...
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