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Here Are 3 Ways To Cook Eggs + All The Recipes You Need

Eggs can be intimidating to cook!
If you've ever had doubts about how to cook an egg right, we've gathered all the tips you need to overcome that mental challenge and face it. Once you do, an extra filling and delicious meal will always be ready to make. Would you believe ...

Adobong Itlog At Patatas Recipe

If you want a simple yet tasty meal, this egg and potato adobo is the meal you should try.
Eggs and potatoes are underrated in many dishes. Here, we make the eggs and potatoes the star of this delicious adobo dish. The adobo sauce creates a wonderful liquid for both the potatoes and the eggs,  seasoning each ingredient with its intensely tasty flavors.  ...

Tortang Sardinas Recipe

Madali na gawin, masarap pa.
Nag-iisip ka ba kung anong pwedeng iluto para ma-iba naman ang ulam? Kung meron kang sardinas, pwede gamitin sa recipe na ito. Kakaiba itong tortang sardinas na ito: puwedeng ulam, puwede ring palaman sa pandesal.  ...

Here's How You Can Shell Hard-Boiled Eggs In Seconds

Peeling a lot of eggs for egg sandwiches or deviled eggs? You need this hack.
If you’re peeling just one hard-boiled egg, it’s not a hassle. But if you’re peeling eggs for egg salad, deviled eggs, palabok platters and the like, it starts to rack up some serious time. Plus, peeling is not as easy as some would ...

Spicy Deviled Eggs Recipe

Everyone will love these umami-packed, spicy eggs.
These spicy deviled eggs are just like your typical, easy deviled eggs recipe but made more flavorful with a few more ingredients. These eggs are filled with a spicy combination made of the egg yolks, mayo, and hot sauce for a delicious kick. You'd be surprised how a ...

These Omelet Recipes Will Make Breakfast Better

Start the day with a great breakfast plate!
Eggs are a breakfast essential! Few breakfast plates are complete without a sunny-side-up or a creamy scrambled egg on the side. It's a known fact that just placing an egg on top automatically makes it eligible to be a breakfast meal! Since eggs are so essential to ...

Tortang Giniling Na Baboy Recipe

This easy ground pork recipe is made heartier as an omelet.
This easy omelet recipe is fast enough to make for a great and hearty breakfast. You just need to quickly stir fry ground pork (or use leftovers!) with a few seasonings, beat in an egg or two, and cook again into a thick omelet. It's a ...

All The Exciting Egg Recipes You Need For Every Craving

There's more to eggs than just scrambled eggs.
Eggs are like little miracles: it's nutritious, delicious, and cheap! Plus, they’re so versatile that they can satisfy a whole bunch of different cravings. Take advantage of eggs by going beyond your usual way of cooking them. You'll see for yourself that there's so much ...

Easy Deviled Eggs Recipe

Turn the humble egg into a showstopper in a pinch.
If you’re in need of an appetizer that’s super easy and will make everyone happy, you need to make this easy deviled eggs recipe. The tangy, rich, and creamy egg yolk filling is perfectly balanced by the egg whites. On top of ...

Tip of the Week: How to Make Creamy Scrambled Eggs

There’s nothing better than starting your day with a serving of good scrambled eggs.
A good plate of scrambled eggs is a thing of beauty. When done right, scrambled eggs are a real delight, warm, softly set, and seasoned just right. While making creamy scrambled eggs shouldn’t be too difficult, most people tend to get it wrong ...

Chicken and Vegetable Frittata

This is an egg dish similar to the familiar torta?one that doesn?t require any flipping.
This is an egg dish similar to the familiar torta—one that doesn’t require any flipping. Make sure to use a nonstick, oven-safe pan when making this, as the last few minutes of cooking takes place under the broiler. ...

How to make candied walnuts

Spread these candied walnuts over salads and more!
There are different methods of making candied walnuts.  This one is the simplest that produces a savory taste.                                                                For a visual guide, see How to Make Candied Walnuts gallery below         ...
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