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This Bundle Of Canned Lechon Can Be Delivered Within Metro Manila For FREE

The bundle includes three different flavors of canned lechon.
The lechon’s golden crunchy skin and juicy meat are undoubtedly delicious, but if you need to satisfy your lechon cravings and don’t want to go beyond your budget, canned lechon is the way to go. For those who haven’t spotted it in ...

Yes, Tasty Canned Cebu Lechon Exists!

For your porky cravings!
Lechon is a party favorite, often served during celebrations. The juicy and flavorful meat and the crunchy skin, especially when paired with rice, is addictive. But what happens if you’re suddenly craving lechon? What if you only need a single serving of lechon?Elarz ...
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