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COOKING WITH NEWBIES: How To Make Cheesy Embutido

This newbie cook learns the secret to making his favorite embutido cheesy and delicious.
A recipe that has a long list of ingredients is not hard to make! The only thing that a long list does is make it that much more flavorful. You get all the benefits of the flavors of each ingredient, making it super flavorful and ...

Creamy Embutido Recipe

What makes this embutido different is a creamy ingredient.
This Filipino meatloaf or embutido may look like your normal steamed rolled meat mixture but you'll have to taste it to discover it's got a special ingredient added in. It's got many of the usual ingredients you find but for one ingredient that may ...

Fish Embotido Recipe

This easy embotido is made with flaky fish.
Flaky fish fillets such as the cream dory make cooking dishes like this easy embotido recipe a joy to make. It's easier to make and it's just as delicious, too.  ...

WATCH: This Is The Cheesy Embutido You've Been Looking For

Cheese makes this Pinoy classic better.
You just upgraded your embutido recipe when you put this much cheese into each roll. It's the cheesy meaty roll that satisfies everyone's love for something meaty, cheesy, and delicious.There is no such thing as too much cheese, especially if you love ...

These Embutido Recipes Are The Meatiest, Tastiest Meals You'll Ever Make

These meaty recipes showcase how flavorful and versatile embutido is.
An embutido, or embotido, is usually found on the buffet table at Christmas but there is nothing that says we can't have it at any other time of the year. Embutido is really just a combination of ground meat, seasonings, some vegetables if desired, and an egg ...

Cheesy Embutido Recipe

This recipe has a secret ingredient (other than cheese) that makes it creamy!
Embutido has never been this good. Our favorite thing about it is, you can make a huge batch to freeze. Whenever you’re hungry, you can just take one out, defrost and then either microwave or fry to reheat! Unlike any other embutido ...

WATCH: How To Make Everlasting (Marikina-Style Meatloaf)

This embutido is cooked in a llanera like a leche flan.
This Marikina-style embutido, or meatloaf, is cooked in a llanera. It's the same baking pan you would use for leche flan so it's got a distinct shape. What makes this embutido unique from other meatloaf recipes is that it can be made ahead, even days, before ...

Classic Filipino Embotido Recipe

This classic Filipino embotido is simple and straightforward.
This Pinoy meatloaf recipe, or embotido, makes for the perfect sandwich filling in between warm pandesal. You can also serve this over rice with ketchup on the side. Yummy magazine's editorial assistant, Chino Cruz, says that this recipe is a trademark of ...

WATCH: How to Make Pork Embotido

Enjoy the easy-to-make Filipino party-staple on weekdays, too!
No need to wait for an occasion to enjoy pork embotido. It's a make-ahead dish that you can store in the freezer and just take out and pan-fry when you want to include it in your weekday spread.  Pork Embotido Recipe  ...

4 Easy Steps to Making Embutido

We show you how to make this Filipino-style meatloaf.
Hungry for Pinoy favorites? Learn how to make this Filipino-style meatloaf the traditional way. Yield 3 (7-inch) rolls Prep Time 30 minutes Cooking Time 45 to 50 minutes1/2 cup chopped chicken breast1 cup ground pork1/4 cup fi nely chopped onions1/4 cup finely ...

Pork Embotido Recipe

The local meatloaf is usually served at parties but who says you can't have it on weekdays?
The local meatloaf is usually served at parties but who says you can't have it on weekdays? ...
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