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Tikoy Fans, Are You Ready To Try A Savory Tikoy With Sausage Bits?

This is not your ordinary tikoy flavor.
It can be considered as common knowledge among tikoy fans to know that one of the more mainstream places you can order a box of tikoy is Eng Bee Tin. This Chinese deli has it in all the different flavors you can think of. They ...

Say Hello To Eng Bee Ting's New Tikoy For The Chinese New Year

Best if you have a sweet tooth!
Chinese New Year is just two weeks away and if you join in on the traditions associated with it, you know you should always have tikoy. This sticky, sweet rice cake is believed to symbolize unity and togetherness, hence its sticky consistency and that this ...

Eng Bee Tin's New Hopia Is Filled With Fudgy Brownies!

This isn't your typical hopia filling.
Eng Bee Tin will always be known for Chinese delicacies and the wide selection of hopia flavors they offer, but it's certainly not top of mind when one is looking for sweet baked treats. Well, now you can associate both with Eng Bee ...

Eng Bee Tin's New Ube Cheese Mooncake Is Available In Time For The Mooncake Festival

Ube and cheese fans, you should try this!
Did you know that it’s almost the mid-autumn festival? Following the Gregorian calendar, this grand holiday (also referred to as the moon festival and mooncake festival) starts on the first day of October this year, when the moon is at its brightest ...

Eng Bee Tin Has Mooncakes You Can Order To Celebrate The Upcoming Moon Festival

Prepare ahead before it runs out.
One of the biggest and grandest festivals in China is the mid-autumn festival, which is also called the moon festival as this event happens during the time of year when the moon is at its fullest and brightest. According to Chinese culture, ...

Have Frozen Hopia, Xiao Long Bao, Hakaw, and Tikoy Delivered At Home From Eng Bee Tin

They have siomai and dumplings, too!
Do you miss eating xiao long bao? Are you running out of merienda ideas? Why not switch things up with delicious Chinese snacks and dim sum!You won’t even need to head out to the groceries or do it from scratch since Eng ...

Celebrate Year Of The Rat With This Limited-Edition Cheese Tikoy

Huge fans of tikoy should try this.
If you celebrate Chinese New Year traditions, we're pretty sure there’s always going to be tikoy. If you’re a huge tikoy fan who loves trying out different flavors, Eng Bee Tin is offering a limited-edition cheese tikoy! Why cheese? If you didn’t know, 2020 is ...

You Can Now Have Eng Bee Tin Favorites Delivered To Your Doorstep

Just in time for Chinese New Year.
In case you didn’t know, Chinese New Year is on January 25, 2019. If you’re celebrating Chinese New Year, be prepared to serve different Chinese delicacies that bring in luck for the year to come. Thankfully, you don’t have to go all the way to ...

Satisfy Your Hopia And Tikoy Cravings At This Eng Bee Tin Mall!

A supermarket, café, souvenir shop, and a soon-to-open museum are all packed inside the Eng Bee Tin Mall.
Found behind the famous Binondo Church and beside a busy hotel is the Eng Bee Tin mall, home of one of the most recognizable hopia in the Philippines. Their flagship store is a towering building that sticks out in the busy streets ...

Have You Tried Eng Bee Tin's Golden Pork Floss Hopia?

These are so addictive—sharing is impossible!
You might be more familiar with the traditional hopia filling of munggo (dark beans) or kundol (white gourd cooked in lard, also known as hopia baboy) but have you ever tried a pork floss hopia? Eng Bee Tin expanded their hopia selection to include flavors ...
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