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Add To Cart: This Sleek Espresso Machine Is Only P2,699!

No need to splurge on a bulky machine!
We recently showed you a vintage-style espresso maker from a brand called Noon that you can shop for less than P5,000. The device has since become Internet-famous, appearing on every wish list, online shop, and coffee-related Facebook group thanks to its stylish design and wallet-friendly price ...

Add This Gorgeous Drip Machine To Your Coffee Nook At Home

Add this to your cart!
Are you building your own coffee nook at home? If you prefer the versatility of a coffeemaker to a coffee capsule machine, we found an incredibly gorgeous and unique coffeemaker from a brand called Bear. It will definitely give your coffee nook a touch of ...

Just What We Need: A Portable Espresso Machine

You don’t need batteries for this!
Caffeine hounds will understand the need for this gadget! According to, this nifty new coffee contraption dubbed Minipresso lets you make your own espresso shot with ground coffee, hot water, and a few pumps with your hand.It looks uncomplicated, is under ...
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