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This New Convenience Store Fried Chicken Just Might Replace Your Faves

This fried chicken comes with a sauce!
As a country of fried chicken-loving citizens, we all know by now where to go for delicious fried chicken. If you're brave enough to discover new fried chicken that can possibly dethrone your all-time favorite, head on over to FamilyMart and try their new ...

This Tub Of Kani Sushi Bake Is Now Available In Convenience Stores!

It's now easier to find!
Sushi bake is the latest quarantine food trend that continues to flood our social media feeds. We're pretty sure that you still see photos of mouthwatering Japanese rice with a creamy, meaty filling, often topped with melted cheese, and hugged by a sheet ...

FamilyMart Has A New Onigiri And It's Filled With Flavorful Pork Sisig

There are five new flavors added to the onigiri lineup.
A trip to Japan isn't complete without going to a konbini (convenience store) and trying an onigiri. Onigiri is a Japanese food is made with a triangular-shaped rice ball wrapped in nori sheet and are often filled with different meaty fillings. One of the ...

FamilyMart Now Delivers Their Affordable Japanese Bento Meals, Frozen Ulam, And More!

Take a break and order in!
The enhanced community quarantine is officially extended until May 15 and that means half a month more of not being able to go out and for most, working from home while juggling house chores. You can take that well-deserved break by ordering in because ...

Sans Rival Fans, This Convenience Store's Ice Cream Is Made For You!

They have kesong puti-flavored ice cream, too.
Summer’s just around the corner and that means you can beat the heat with as much ice cream as you want without being judged. Although supermarkets have a great selection of ice cream, it is in convenience stores where you can get ...
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