Spicy Dilis Recipe

Dried fish gets the spicy and sweet treatment, and it's delicious and addicting.
This dried fish snack is easy to make! Simply toss these easy-to-find ingredients together then cook it with the dried fish and voila! A fast and unbelievably tasty snack that can double as your favorite breakfast ulam.  ...

Tortang Dilis Recipe

Crunchy dried dilis makes a fantastic filling for this omelet.
Who'd have thought that crunchy dilis (dried fish) would be so delicious in an omelet? The dilis are first fried to a crisp before being added to scrambled eggs. What you get is a hearty omelet with lots of crunchy bits.     ...

Adobong Baboy Na Tuyo Recipe

Lahat ng lasa ay nasa baboy!
Ang adobo recipe na ito ay walang sarsa o sabaw (dry adobo) pero hindi ibig sabihin wala na itong lasa. Lahat ng lasa ay hinigop ng baboy habang pinakinukuluan. Kung hindi ka mahilig sa ma-sarsa na ulam, kailangan subukan mo ang adobo recipe ...
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