Here Are 7 Easy Ways To Cook Your Adobo

You can confidently say you can have adobo seven different ways, every day.
We all know that everyone has their own way of cooking their adobo recipe. We don't want to change they way you cook your adobo. What we do know is that sometimes, you want to taste something different but don't know how to tweak your own ...

Tokwang Adobo Sa Gata Recipe

This meatless adobo has all the flavors plus the creaminess of gata.
Mix it up and make your adobo meatless with this easy swap to tofu.The process is almost the same when it comes to making the swap from meat like pork or chicken to tofu. The big difference is that instead of simmering the meat until tender, you ...

Adobong Itlog At Patatas Recipe

If you want a simple yet tasty meal, this egg and potato adobo is the meal you should try.
Eggs and potatoes are underrated in many dishes. Here, we make the eggs and potatoes the star of this delicious adobo dish. The adobo sauce creates a wonderful liquid for both the potatoes and the eggs,  seasoning each ingredient with its intensely tasty flavors.  ...

Adobong Baboy at Patatas Recipe

Patatas lang ang pinagiba ng recipe na to sa ibang adobo recipe.
Para maiba ang adobo, maaring dagdagan ito ng patatas. Pwedeng palitan ang patatas kung mahal ito sa palengke o tindahan.  Maglagay ng kamote o kalabasa para magiging matamis ng konti ang sarsa. Simpleng pandagdag na rekado sa adobo at kakaibang ulam na ang pwede mong ihain.  ...

Adobong Manok Sa Gata At Piña Recipe

Mas pinasarap itong adobong manok recipe na 'to!
Sawa ka na ba sa adobong manok? Ang adobo recipe na ito ay may gata at pinya, at parang pinagsamang adobong manok sa gata recipe at pininyahang manok recipe. Isama ang patatas sa pagluto para maging mas nakakabusog ang ulam!  ...

Tofu and Mushroom Adobo Recipe

This tofu and mushroom adobo recipe is a meatless version of the usual chicken and pork adobo.
Make this meatless tofu and mushroom adobo recipe for a change from the usual pork and chicken. Use firm tofu because it is high in protein, and dry shiitake mushrooms because they add meatiness and a savory flavor to the dish. Make this ...

Adobong Dilaw (Yellow Adobo) Recipe

Adobong dilaw has a touch of good-for-you turmeric.
Adobong dilaw, or yellow adobo, has a touch of turmeric. Turn to this weeknight favorite again and again for a wholesome meal!  ...

Adobong Pula (Red Adobo) Recipe

This adobong pula recipe used atsuete oil for natural flavor and a red-tinged hue.
Adobo is a Filipino favorite! Try this easy recipe for Adobong Pula, or red adobo, which has atsuete oil. ...

Chicken Adobo Recipe

This adobo recipe is as simple as it gets!
This family favorite is easy to master! This recipe is basic, simple, and easy. If you're a newbie cook, this is the easy adobo recipe you'll want to learn and eventually master. Five basic ingredients are all you need to make this: chicken, soy sauce vinegar, ...
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