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Hey '90s Kids, Did You Know Nooda Crunch Still Exists?

Was this part of your childhood, too?
Did you ever eat Nooda Crunch when you were young? If you need a refresher on what this snack is, it’s a packet with uncooked noodles and flavored powder inside. The way to consume this is to crush the noodles inside the packet ...

All The Desserts Inspired By Our Favorite Childhood Treats

Tastes just like childhood!
We will always have a soft spot for all the childhood candies and treats we grew up with. Last year, we got to take a trip down memory lane through reimagined desserts that had the flavor of our childhood favorites. Here, we ...

This Soft Serve Is Made With HawHaw Candy!

Tastes like childhood.
This year, there has been a resurgence of ‘90s candies reinvented into different desserts. We were graced with White Rabbit-flavored soft serve and Choc Nut spread. The recent addition to this sweet trip down memory lane is HawHaw-flavored soft serve from The Lost ...

'90s Kids, Pritos Ring Is Available At This Supermarket!

Who else wears this chips as a ring before eating it?
There's a different kind of heartache when you can no longer find the snacks you grew up with. Even though there is a wider selection of snacks now, our childhood favorite snacks will always have a special place in our heart. Thankfully, ...

Where To Find White Rabbit Candy, Iced Gem Biscuits + More Childhood Snacks

Which ones were your favorite?
How can we forget our favorite childhood snacks? Most of us would even often save up whatever money we had from our allowance just to enjoy these candies, chips, and drinks during recess or breaks at school. Most of our childhood favorites have ...

WATCH: How To Bake A Chiffon Cake With Cheese

These chiffon cake loaves are topped with creamy, salty cheese that will remind you of your childhood.
You'll be reliving your favorite childhood treats with this cake! Made into easy-to-slice loaves, the sweetness of the chiffon cake is offset by the salty grated cheese and salted butter. The trick is to use the butter to help make the cheese stick to the top of ...

Hotdogs with Marshmallows, Jello, and Milo-All Grown Up

These are your favorite Filipino childhood treats, revisited.
No matter how old we get, the kid inside us will always get giddy and excited over treats we had in our childhood. Remember those red hotdogs paired with marshmallows, your mom’s jiggly Jello cups, and your favorite afternoon Milo chocolate drink?These ...
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