Yes, Champorado and Tuyo-Flavored Suman Exists!

These gourmet suman also comes in ube, langka, and mangoes!
A must-try Dumaguete delicacy is the budbud, a rice cake traditionally made with rice cooked with coconut milk, sugar, and a bit of salt. It is then wrapped and steamed in banana leaves, giving it a distinct aroma. These rice cakes are usually served with ...

Ginataang Kuhol Recipe

There's nothing quite like this.
This Filipino delicacy is a rare, delicious dish that not everyone can handle or make. For those who eat snails though, there’s nothing like it! It’s tender and bursting with flavor – if cooked right. Here, we walk you through how to ...

What Is Buro? + How To Use It

Take your taste buds to a whole new world.
Have you heard of “buro”? Eating in Pampanga or Rizal, you might have seen a thick paste that’s either white or pinkish and served on the side. Also know as “balaw-balaw”, buro was peddled in the streets, the vendors yelling “balaw-balaw!” This delicacy ...

Here's Where You Can Find Ube Kutsinta With Pandan Dip

Add lots of toasted niyog on top, please!
Filipinos have always been, and continue to be, creative when it comes to flavor combinations. Kutsinta is a classic Filipino kakanin that can be eaten as is but it is typically topped with coconut shreds. It has come a long way, with ...

How Well Do You Know Your Pinoy Biscuits?

Rosquillos and barquillos are totally different cookies!
Rosquillos, barquillos, camachile—have you tried any of these Filipino biscuits? Most of these Filipino biscuits originate from the Spanish colonial period, which explains why a lot of them are inspired heavily by their Spanish counterparts. But the Pinoy versions are made with ingredients ...
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