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Yema Hopia Recipe

Use ready-made puff pastry from the frozen food section to make this easy.
Hopia is one of many desserts or snacks that are favorited amongst the Filipinos. Traditionally, hopia is light and flaky with all sorts of filling such as munggo, sweet white onion, red bean paste, etc. Nowadays hopia comes in many different unique ...

Kalamay Recipe

This chewy and sweetened kakanin is soft and delicious!
Some of the most common kakanin are those found peddled on the side streets! One of the more common kinds of kakanin is the kalamay. This kakanin is sticky, chewy, and usually topped with latik. There are two kinds of latik, the sticky and ...

Filipino Ginataan Recipe - Paano Lutuin at mga Sangkap

Ang ginataan o ginataang bilo-bilo ay may gata (coconut cream) at binilog na malagkit na bigas (bilo-bilo).
Isa sa paboritong merienda o panghimagas nating mga Pilipino ang ginataan o ginataang bilo-bilo. Ang init, tamis at iba’t ibang kulay ng mga sangkap ay tila nagbibigay sigla laban sa lungkot ng makulimlim na panahon.Ang ginataan o ginataang bilo-bilo ay binubuo ng ...

5 Delicious Filipino Desserts That You Need to Try

Indulge in these proudly Pinoy desserts!
Filipinos eat like kings and queens: is there anything better than digging your teeth into creamy leche flan and fluffy puto? Here's a little sneak peak of Yummy's Pinoy-themed September issue. 1  Kapeng Barako Leche FlanThis smooth and silky leche flan has a fun flavor ...

Ginataang Halo-Halo Recipe

Try this updated version of ginataan and bite into the chewy rice balls to discover a sweet surprise.
This is one of the creamiest, great tasting, easy no-bake desserts you can make on the stove! It's a coconut milk and sticky rice dessert that you can slurp! Ginataang halo-halo is a rich and creamy dessert dish that is typically served during ...
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