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Get Your Rice Delivered Straight From Isabela's Farmers

At P35/kilo, you can be sure all proceeds go to the farmers.
We all know by now that our rice farmers need all the help they can get. The rice tarrification law is endangering the livelihood of our farmers quicker than actual good can be seen from it. What we can do? Directly help our farmers ...

We Need To Talk About How Rice Tariffication Law Affects All Of Us

This affects everyone one way or the other.
In light of recent events, one that has seen an uproar from Filipinos, concerns the Nueva Ecija farmers selling their harvested rice for the measly amount of P7 per kilo. This is connected to the Rice Tariffication Law.It was in February 2019 ...

IKEA Will Work With Filipino Farmers For Their Menu

What do you think will be on IKEA's menu?
As with any foreign restaurants who expand their reach to Philippine shores, it is often (if not always) a wise move to add a Filipino element to their foreign menu, as it will give us Filipinos a sense of familiarity—plus, it's much easier ...
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