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Roasted Chicken Paksiw Recipe

Switch up the protein for this dish!
Roasted chicken paksiw is an alternative dish for people who love to explore cooking meat in a variety of ways. Plus, using lechon manok is an easy way to have your favorite lechon paksiw dish anytime you get a craving.  ...

Calamansi Fish Fillet Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Ibabad sa katas ng calamansi para maging malasa.
Naghahanap ka ba ng madaling gawing resipe ng isda? Kung tatanungin mo kami, dapat nasa lingguhang menu ng pagkaing-dagat mo ito dahil sobrang sarap at napakasimpleng gawin nito. Madaling pagsawaan ang lasa ng kanduling itim (cream dory) pero kung dagdagan ito ng ...

Ube Halaya Recipe (Tagalog Version)

Ang Ube Halaya ay masarap kainin nang mag-isa o kasama sa halo-halo.
Ang Ube Halaya ay isang klase ng panghimagas na paborito ng mga Pilipino. Gawa ito sa pinakuluan at dinurog na ube, gatas, at mantekilya. Maraming paraan ng pag-gawa ng ube, pero ito ang pinakamadali and pinakamabilis gawin. Madalas isama ang ube sa ...

WATCH: This Jollibee-Style Pancit Palabok Will Be Your Favorite Noodle Dish

It's delicious enough to share.
We bet the pancit palabok is one of your favorite orders at the popular fastfood chain. Guess what? We found that it's easy enough to hack at home, as long as you have the ingredients. It's a simple recipe but the combination of flavors is what makes it delicious ...

WATCH: How To Make Kikiam

This homemade recipe of this popular Filipino street food makes incredibly tasty kikiam.
Kikiam is a popular street food that is frequently peddled by your local street vendor. But unlike the other street food, kikiam is more like a Chinese meatball formed into a sausage shape. Its unique flavor comes from the five-spice powder that seasons the mixture which also includes carrots, green onions, fish, and ...

Binagoongang Manok Recipe

Make this binagoongang manok dish for the whole family!
Binagoongang manok, or chicken with shrimp paste, is a Filipino dish that is packed with lots of flavor from the shrimp paste. It wouldn't be a complete meal without heaps of freshly steamed white rice!  ...

Chicken Asado Recipe

Chicken asado is simple: let chicken simmer is a simple sweet and tangy sauce, then serve with lots of rice.
This chicken asado recipe covers all your bases: a hearty protein, starch, and vegetables. Let chicken simmer is this sweet, tangy, and savory sauce, then cook the potatoes and vegetables until they are tender but still fresh and firm. This chicken asado ...

Binagoongan Isda sa Gata Recipe

This quick fish recipe is loaded with flavor from fresh seafood, shrimp paste, and coconut milk.
This binagoongan isda sa gata dish, or fish cooked in shrimp paste and coconut milk, is loaded with flavor. Bagoong, or shrimp paste, is a Filipino favorite that adds lots of oomph to any dish. You need to try it! Serve the ...

Tofu and Mushroom Adobo Recipe

This tofu and mushroom adobo recipe is a meatless version of the usual chicken and pork adobo.
Make this meatless tofu and mushroom adobo recipe for a change from the usual pork and chicken. Use firm tofu because it is high in protein, and dry shiitake mushrooms because they add meatiness and a savory flavor to the dish. Make this ...

Grilled Pinakbet Recipe

This grilled pinakbet recipe is a makeover from the traditional Filipino vegetable dish.
Give traditional pinakbet a makeover by grilling the vegetables and tossing them in either a tasty bagoong vinaigrette or a creamy bagoong-yogurt dressing. ...

WATCH: How to Make Adobo sa Gata

Give the classic adobo an indulgent twist!
Add coconut milk to make the classic Filipino adobo a rich and creamier dish.  ...
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