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5 Ways To Make Your Embutido Recipe Delicious And Different

Here's what you need to make it.
If you make a traditional embutido recipe, here are the ingredients that you need to make it: These are basic ingredients for your typical or traditional pork embutido. Here's a recipe that you can make so you can reminisce family reunions and celebrations where this version ...

WATCH: How To Make Better Embutido

Make the best embutido for your Christmas feast!
If the Americans have their meatloaf, the Filipinos have the embutido. Yes, the embutido is very much like the meatloaf. Both dishes are composed of ground meat seasoned, cooked, and then sliced when ready to serve.The big difference is really what goes into ...

How To Cook Embutido + Mistakes You Might Be Making

Make perfect meatloaf rolls with these cooking tips.
The meatloaf is not unknown to the Filipino. We have our own version and it's called the embutido. This meatloaf-inspired version is easy to make. There are no special tools needed to make it, just the basic know-how to put delicious ingredients together, cooking, and ...

The Hardinera Is Not Your Typical Meatloaf

It's a cross between an embutido and menudo.
If you've ever visited Lucban, Quezon, you may heard of a dish called hardinera. It's a unique dish that is a cross between the embutido and a menudo recipe and it's a Lucban meatloaf. "Ang hardinera ay isang sikat na pagkain na handa tuwing ...
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