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You Can Use Pork Instead Of Beef For These Filipino Ulam Recipes

Yes, you can swap meat.
Lechon baka may be the new current trendy meat of the month but pork recipes are still equally popular. Since both beef and pork cost around the amount in terms of price per kilo, the choice of whether to use beef and pork in recipes is ...

Spicy Pork Barbecue Recipe

This Pinoy pork bbq gets a spicy marinade.
The Filipino pork barbecue is classic party food but it doesn't need to always be present only when there's something to celebrate! The Pinoy-style pork barbecue recipe has a marinade that is super delicious which can and should be enjoyed whenever you want some comfort ...

Cheese and Garlic Mushroom Pork Chops Recipe

Gooey cheese and garlicky mushrooms flavor these pork chops from the inside out.
Improve your pork chop cooking skills with this stuffed pork chop meal. These thick pork chops are stuffed with aromatic garlic mushrooms and gooey mozzarella cheese but you can certainly try using other ingredients, too. Not only that, while these pork chops are first fried then baked ...

Crunchy Pork Rolls with Cheese Sauce Recipe

These crunchy pork rolls hide a delicious chorizo filling.
These pork rolls are many things all at once: crunchy, creamy, savory, and herby. Each roll is loaded with flavorful ingredients that make it delicious. To make it even more irresistible, a simple cheese sauce is served with it to make sure that every bite ...

WATCH: This Is The Cheesy Embutido You've Been Looking For

Cheese makes this Pinoy classic better.
You just upgraded your embutido recipe when you put this much cheese into each roll. It's the cheesy meaty roll that satisfies everyone's love for something meaty, cheesy, and delicious.There is no such thing as too much cheese, especially if you love ...

Pork Afritada Recipe

Hunker down with this tomato-based stew.
This all-time Pinoy favorite Pork Afritada recipe can be served in your own dinner table in six easy steps! Basic ingredients such as hotdogs, potatoes, and red bell peppers, are sure to make this dish burst with different flavors. You could also ...

Chori Burger Recipe

This recipe has a hearty sweet-savory-tangy chorizo burger.
The chori burger is a grilled chorizo snack made popular by idyllic vacations on the island of Boracay.  You can enjoy the tasty skewered meat as is, or stuffed between pillowy burger buns and smothered with the bright red barbecue sauce to ...

Pork Embotido Recipe

The local meatloaf is usually served at parties but who says you can't have it on weekdays?
The local meatloaf is usually served at parties but who says you can't have it on weekdays? ...

Bopis Recipe

You can easily make this delicious Filipino dish made of pork offal at home.
We bet you thought you could never make this unique Filipino recipe made of pork heart, pork lungs, and seasonings at home. You can. What you should also know is that we have an easy recipe. The real trick is knowing where to get ...
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