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Different And Delicious Ways to Use Longganisa In Recipes

These sausages make super tasty ingredients to add to recipes.
Longganisa is common breakfast food. It's our version of the sausages served with pancakes or with the rest of the food in the massive full English breakfast. The local sausage however has many versions. It ranges from the sweet, bacon-like flavors that you associate with tocino in ...

Vigan Longganisa Pasta Recipe

Here's a Pinoy pasta dish everyone will love.
This dish is garlicky and spicy! It's an easy oil-based pasta that you can make if you're craving something a little different but only want to use your staple pantry essentials. ...

Skinless Spicy Beef Longganisa Recipe

Beef makes a fantastic substitute for pork in this homemade longganisa recipe.
This skinless longganisa recipe is just as delicious as the pork version. What makes this homemade beef longganisa recipe different is the addition of a little onion and some red pepper flakes to give it a gentle but spicy kick with every other bite.  ...

These Homemade Longganisa Recipes Are Made For Breakfast

They're not just for breakfast, too.
There are no better days than those that start off right. Breakfast is a great time to make a difference in someone's day and a delicious meal every morning definitely helps. If you're a fan of silogs, then these longganisa recipes should be right up there on your ...

WATCH: 3 Ways to Use Longganisa

Go beyond breakfast with this well-loved Pinoy sausage.
Longganisa is a Filipino sausage that can be used beyond breakfast! Add to fried rice, pasta dishes, or make party appetizers—the options are endless. Here are a few longganisa recipes to get you started: Longganisa PastaLongganisa Fried Rice Longganisa Egg Bites ...
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