Whole Fried Fish with Black Bean Sauce Recipe

Keep the fish crispy by pouring the black bean sauce over it just before serving.

Tinapa Risotto Recipe

This is a fast and easy version of the Italian classic using day-old rice and a soup mix, making a Pinoy-inspired dish.

Tilapia Fingers with Green Mango Sauce

The fruity and tangy green mango dip perfectly complements the crispy fried tilapia.

Steamed Lapu-lapu with Lemongrass Recipe

Add extra zing to your fish by using siling labuyo.

Pan-fried Fish with Okra Recipe

Pair pan-fried fish with red or brown rice and vegetables such as okra.

Fish Gratin Recipe

Kids will love the crisp, cheesy topping! For the more adventurous eaters, add some herbs like thyme or basil.

Poached Lapu-Lapu Recipe

In this dish, a savory broth of seaweed and smoked bonito flakes is used to flavor the lapu-lapu.

Japanese Steamed Fish Recipe

Stock your pantry with sake, soy sauce, and mirin and start with this tasty fish dish.

Cracker-crusted Fish Fillet with Yogurt Honey Mustard Dip

The crackers make this breading crisp so there is no need for deep-frying or excess oil.

Pan-Fried Fish Fillet Recipe

Give subtle fish oomph by matching it with tangy linguine noodles!

Fried Fish with Corn Sauce Recipe

Savory meets sweet flavors in this fried fish dish!

Greek-style Fish Recipe

Make a Mediterranean-inspired meal by stuffing the fish in pita pockets with lettuce, onions, and olives.

Seafood Stew Recipe

This filling soup banks on the freshness of seafood for flavor.

Fish with Dill (Cha Ca La Vong) Recipe

This Vietnamese classic is loaded with healthy ingredients: turmeric and dill!

Fried Tilapia Fillet with Instant Corn Salsa

This quick and easy salsa can be served with anything from grilled pork to fried chicken.

Oriental Marinated Tanigue Steaks

If there's no tanigue in the market, any white fish like dorado, swordfish or tuna will do.
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