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Here's Another Melon-Flavored Milk You Can Find At The Supermarket

Looking for melon-flavored milk?
If you’re a big fan of melon-flavored milk, you’ve probably encountered brands like Binggrae but sometimes it’s harder to source this flavor. If you are a fan of this fruity milk, there’s another Korean brand that offers melon-flavored milk. On your next grocery run ...

Banana Milk Fans, These Are The Other Flavors Of Binggrae Milk You Should Know About!

Have you tried the other flavors?
One of the best places to go for banana milk is the Korean grocery, but if you’re lucky, you can also get this in the international section of your go-to supermarket. A popular banana milk brand recognized by most (even in South ...

Korean Strawberry Milk Meets Yogurt In This Creamy Drink

They also have other flavors like Raspberry, Blueberry, Peach Mango, and more!
It's hard to keep up with all the fleeting food trends popping up this 2020 as far as pastries and party trays. For drinks, however, the prevailing picks have mostly been Korean-inspired flavored milks as well as yogurt-based beverages like Yakult or yogurt milk. If you ...

All The Items You Should Check Out In A Korean Grocery

Aside from instant ramen, soju, and kimchi!
When one plans a grocery run to the Korean supermarket, one’s grocery list often, if not always, includes instant ramen, soju, ice cream, and kimchi. But if you take the time to go through its aisles and refrigerators and take the time ...

This Korean Grocery In QC Has Meats For Your Next K-BBQ Night

They have a wide selection of flavored almonds, too.
One of the best things you can do if you love Korean food (besides eating in Korean restaurants) is to visit a Korean supermarket! When in Quezon City residents, you should visit Fun and Mart, a Korean and Japanese grocery where you can ...

We Found Sweet Japanese Banana And Strawberry Milk In The Grocery!

Love flavored milk?
If you have ever visited Japan, you've probably experienced the overwhelming feeling of deciding which beverage to choose from with their dizzying options in convenience stores and groceries. Will it be matcha latte, iced coffee, or fruity soda? How about flavored milk ...
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