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This Instant Ice Scramble Mix Comes In Ube, Buko Pandan, and Melon Flavors

Each pack only costs P150 or less!
Ice scramble or iskrambol is a widely popular Pinoy street food, especially during summer or when it's just a particularly hot day. By Philippine standards, that could be more than 3/4 of the whole year. If you're making this icy dessert from scratch, it requires ...

Food Business Idea: You Can Make Cheese Puto For Six Pesos Each!

Who wouldn't love some puto?
Puto, especially those topped with cheese, are the original Filipino "cakes". Before the western version topped with frosting and decorated with swirls, chocolate-covered nuts, and meringue cookies, the puto was already a popular and well-loved snack. It even pairs well with another native dish, the ...

Food Business Idea: Make Flavored Marshmallows For Only One Peso Each

You just need 5 basic ingredients + your favorite flavors!
Marshmallows are delicious treats! These soft puffs of edible sugar are a delight to eat on its own or tossed into between crackers, stirred into cookie dough, or tossed into a mug of hot chocolate. It's also a great idea for a food business because ...

This Shop Lets You Have Your Milk Tea Served In Bamboo Cups

It's an eco-friendly way to support local products, too.
This milk tea shop in Iloilo is selling milk tea in reusable bamboo cups!  You have the option of having your order of milk tea served in the bamboo cups instead of the single-use plastic cups when you dine-in. If you love your bamboo cup ...

People Are Lining Up For HOURS To Get This Mango Dessert!

The longest waiting time is four hours and 30 minutes!
Our delicious, sweet, and juicy Philippine mangoes have been lauded as one of the best ones you can eat around the world. Even though these mangoes are only in season during the months of summer, Filipinos love to eat these fruity delights all ...

WATCH: How To Make Marshmallow Graham Balls

Four ingredients are all you need to make these delicius graham cracker treats.
Graham crackers are delicious! With this recipe, you get to taste the flavor of the graham crackers in a fun and easy-to-make treat. It's not only delicious, the ingredients are easy to find anywhere. All you need is just a little time and ...

WATCH: How to Make Pastimallows

Your favorite Pinoy snack, pastillas, gets a fun upgrade.
Pastillas is a Filipino milky snack made of condensed milk, powdered milk, sugar, and butter. It's a childhood snack that has many equally delicious variations: it's been made into a cake, cheesecake, and ice cream flavor, and you can also flavor it with salted ...
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