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How To Store Bottled Tuyo And Other Long-Lasting Ingredients Properly

Some ingredients can last years! Learn how to store them right.
Food that can be stored for a long time in your kitchen can be a meal saver. Bottled tuyo, canned tuna, luncheon meat, dried monggo beans, and yes, even rice are all ingredients that you can store for years in your kitchen. These bottled, canned, and ...

Here's What Those Symbols On Your Food + Plastic Containers Mean

Not all plastic containers are microwave safe.
Few people ask themselves, "Is this plastic container safe to use in the microwave?" That's because many of us grew up thinking that plastic (any plastic) is safe to use in the microwave. You probably have many stored in your cabinets since packing away food to store ...

How To Organize Your Plastic Food Containers

We know it's taking up storage space.
Open your kitchen cabinet, and we're sure we'll find jars and plastic containers. Jars are fantastic for storing ingredients, but we have to admit that plastic containers are especially useful in the kitchen.Plastic containers have a role in our kitchen life: it's perfect ...

This Is An Effective Way To Clean Oily Plastic Containers

This easy hack will remove grease from your food containers.
Have you seen it? This cleaning hack saves all your containers by easily removing the oily and greasy stains that's left behind in your plastic food containers. You might get the toughest tomato-red residue when you store kaldereta, menudo, and other tomato-based dishes in your containers. You ...

This Is The Cooking Tip You Need For An Organized Freezer

Here's how you can achieve the most organized refrigerator ever.
What does your freezer look like right now? Do you have packs upon packs of meat, frozen veggies, ice cream containers, and ready-to-cook packaged food packed in there in a haphazard way? We know the feeling. It's hard trying to figure out how to organize ...

These Are The Kitchen Items You Need To Replace Every Year

See which kitchen items you should toss out, stat!
It may be hard to let go, but it’s a new year (Hello, new kitchen items!). You don't need to fret: not everything in the kitchen needs to be replaced. Take a look through your cooking space and check if you have any of ...
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