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Swifties, Here's What You Need To Know About The Starbucks x Taylor Swift Collab Rumors

Here's what Starbucks Philippines has to say.
Just in case you've been too busy with life to check social media, you should know that Taylor Swift is finally releasing her next album Red (Taylor's Version) on November 12, Thursday (1 p.m. Manila time). The new album has 30 re-recorded tracks (including ...

Ever Wondered About Those Gold Pots In K-Dramas? We Found One Online!

We found one that's priced at 340 pesos.
Sometimes a pot is just a pot, and this pretty gold pot that's under P500 is a great addition to your kitchen, especially if you love eating instant noodles. The golden pot is definitely a pretty one to have. It's not only aesthetically pretty in color ...

Did You Know There's A Lemon Square Bakery?

Their bestsellers are the Chocolate, Caramel, and Marshmallow cakes.
Lemon Square, the makers behind some of our favorite baon or merienda from our childhood, has gone beyond offering snackable cupcakes, bar cakes, cake bites, filled cupcakes, and biscuits. Did you know that there's a place called Lemon Square Bakery Treats? It's a bakery which started back in the '90s and ...

Apparently, There's A Trick To Easily Get Ketchup Out Of A Heinz Bottle

Mind. Blown.
Have you ever experienced difficulty forcing ketchup out from its bottle? Perhaps you have even tried to slap the ketchup bottle with your hand or you might have even used a knife or the handle of a fork or spoon, inserted it in the ...

Uhm, Apparently "Nutella" Is Not Pronounced Nuh-Tella

How should you pronounce Nutella?
Everyone knows Nutella. We know that it's a hazelnut-cocoa spread that comes in a recognizable bottle with a white lid, and a white sticker with the word "nutella" printed on the front. We all know how it's a great and versatile spread that goes ...

What's Up With These Food Trucks Your Fave K-Drama Stars Are Posting On Social Media?

How much does it cost to send a coffee truck?
Do you also stalk your favorite Hallyu idols' Instagram after finishing 16 hour-long episodes of their latest Korean drama as you wait for their next project? Because, same! For those who have ever gone down this rabbit hole, you've probably flooded their Instagram with ...
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